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New Sonata 'X' Forte set from Spain

Monday 3, 2015

Kremona relies on premium Spanish-made RC Strings to bring out tonal nuances whilst providing an approachable player's feel. RC Sonata strings have come stock on Kremona guitars since 2009.  Our friends at RC then offered Sonata Light and Sonata Forté sets-- small-batch sets of lighter and harder tension for discerning players wanting precise sensitivity and extended tonal depth. Now, RC Strings has created Sonata 'X' Forté. The SX80 Extra High Tension set offers a new dimension of power and richness for the stonger player. All RC Strings employ Dynamic Sound Technology in the making, for broad tonal response and stay-fast tuning. All RC Strings undergo tratamiento antioxidante -- a micro thin anti-oxidant treatment to ensure long life. Ask your favorite guitar accessories perveyor for RC Sonata 'X' Forté.